Awards and Affiliations

Our distinguished record of accomplishments and awards is the result of our long-standing working relationship with industry unions and trade associations.

Union Affiliates
Carpenters: New York Locals – 20, 45, 157, 608, 740, 926, 1456, 1536, 2090, 2287 & New Jersey–Local 715
Mason Tenders: New York Local 79 & New Jersey Local 394
Tapers: New York Local 197
Iron Workers: New York Local 580
Metal Lathers: New York Local 46

Trade Associations
Associated General Contractors of America
Associated General Contractors of New York State
Building Contractors Association, Inc. of New York
Building Contractors Association, Inc. of New Jersey
Building Trades Employers’ Association of New York City
Members of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
New York Building Congress
Regional Alliance for Small Contractors

CMAA Metro New York/New Jersey, Award of Excellence
Subcontractors Trade Association, Builder of the Year
NY Construction News, Top Contractor of the Year
Regional Alliance, Partner of the Year
The New York School Construction Authority, Minority Compliance Award

Awards and Affiliations